Monday, 20 March 2017

5 Super Tips to Find the Best Courier Company in Kolkata, India

While finding a good courier company in Kolkata isn’t really a rocket science, it isn’t, by any means, easier either. There are ways that would land you with poor-quality service provider. And with the on-going chase of getting a competitive edge in the market, that’s the last thing you would want.

So to help you get on the right path, here are 5 super tips to find a renowned and reliable courier company like a complete pro-

courier company in kolkata
  • Order tracking facility- It isn’t optional anymore, it’s essential!! The courier company must be adapted to the latest technologies and advanced in all its activities. For higher convenience and better proceedings, it MUST offer web/mobile based tracking, GPS trackers for high value shipments and data analytic.
  • The coverage network of the company- Of course, this should be the foremost priority of individuals or businesses whether finding a good provider of courier service in Jaipur or Kolkata- the company’s coverage network. The wider the network, higher will be the growth opportunity for you.
  • Transit options- Maybe you need to ship a bulk right in the neighboring state, maybe your products are perishable and needs to be delivered urgently. Getting multiple transit options from the courier company is important to suit your individual business needs adequately.
  • The overall cost- Higher the courier company is charging you, higher will be the cost of your products; something that might not be suitable for your customers. So to stay competitive in the market, look for a service provider that understand your (and your customers’) needs and charge you properly.
  • Order fulfillment- There are courier companies who go out of their way - with additional services - to provide clients with maximum convenience. Look for these companies who offer end-to-end pickup and delivery service, and also order fulfillment like packaging, inventory management and cash on delivery.
These are 5 super tips to find the best courier company in Kolkata, India. Good luck!!