Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Types Of Courier Services Available That Has Successfully Changed The Business Dynamics!

With the dawn of civilisation, sending goods from one place to another existed. They did use birds and riders to send the parcels and it would actually take days even months before it would reach its required destination. But that was thousands of years ago! We have come a long way since!  The advancement of technology has given us the life that our forefathers could only imagine of. The growth of courier service in Chennai and other Indian metropolitans along with the rest of the world is an indication in itself that parcel companies have come a long way.

A directive history to the present day views

It was actually the 1850s when parcel delivery was established as a business. Due to the unregulated movement of the packages and two massive wars that changed the world, it was not very well developed. Not up till 1950s when s a few visionaries realised that it was the time to professionally engage people in helping customers deliver packages from one place to another.

The idea of globalisation has definitely contributed to the surge they have seen in the last few years, and according to many experts it is expected to grow. The notion of having the parcel picked up and then getting it delivered at the destination within a particular time frame and a cost effective budget definitely caught up with the people, making them extremely popular. They do contribute greatly to the GDP of all developed countries, making them one of the key players in the e-commerce market. 
The types of courier companies that is raging the market!

There are basically five types of courier services available. They can be recognised as follows:

  • Standard courier services
  • Same day delivery courier services
  • Overnight courier services
  • International courier services
  • Pallet courier services

Getting into the details of each of the above mentioned services, here is a comprehensive list that highlights the features.
Standard courier services are the kind of courier facilities which we use generally, for our day-to-day activities. It involves collecting the parcel, sorting the parcel, packing it, transferring it to a place nearest to the destination and ultimately delivering it to the designated destination. Though it takes a few days before the final delivery for the process is lengthy, it is also the cheapest of all the types’ services provided by these logistics companies.
The world runs on a time crunch, hence, the need of having things delivered immediately is much of a requirement. It is expensive due to its urgent nature; this type of service is primarily used by multinational companies and business owners. The need to deliver crucial official documents makes this kind very popular.
As the name suggests, overnight courier services deal with the delivering the parcel within a time frame of 24 hours. It usually takes a day to transport the package. It usually is expensive depending on the distance and the place it is being send to. But with professionals working, the guarantee of the parcel is always a hundred per cent.
When goods are being transferred over international borders it falls under the category of international courier services. The price varies and depends on the size of the package. The bigger the parcel, the more expensive it becomes. It takes a minimum of 13 days for the parcel to reach its designated destination.
Pallet courier services deals with the delivery of goods on pallets. It usually follows a strict time schedule for the goods have a restricted delivery deadline. The goods are also often heavy and bulky. They are packed and send with a lot of care and operate at affordable and reasonable rates.

With a number of courier service in Bangalore and the rest of India available with the best of services offered, you can refer to the categories listed above and invest accordingly. Customer support is always available. You can also download the various applications launched by the courier companies on your phones to keep a track of your parcel. So surprise your loved ones or make an official announcement, the parcel companies are there to serve you!