Monday, 1 May 2017

5 Essential To be a Proud Owner of (super) Successful E-Commerce Business

So you heard about the bright future of Indian e-commerce industry and then read about few success stories. And you went, “Huh, why can’t I start my own online business?”

Few months forward, you launched your own business without a second thought, hoping to make riches. Sadly, few more months forward, it finally dawned on you that things are easier said than done. You need strategies and plans to launch, scale and sustain your e-commerce business.

To help you get on the right path, here are 5 essentials to be a proud owner of super successful e-commerce business:

1.  The right growth plan 

In the e-commerce industry, you’re part of a race and unless you’re moving forward, you’re going to get run over. So it is essential that you have a right growth plan-where you want to reach, how you’re going to reach there, where do you want your business to be in the next 1 year. Answer these and similar questions.

2.  Marketing strategy

Marketing is the most important part of any business. Unless you tell others about your products, you’re not going to sell big. So have a nice marketing strategy. How you’re going to win the search engines, how you’re going to reach your target audience via social media platforms, how you’re going to create targeted PPC adverts. Know how you’re going to market your products/brands.

3.  Quality products 

You can have the best growth plan and you can spend fortune in your marketing efforts, but unless you have products that are of high quality, the sale will be down. Period. So above all, make sure the quality and utility value of your products are high.

4.  Reliable courier services in Delhi

You need one of the top courier companies in Delhi, India, by your side. The service providers act more like a business partner to you. With their quick and efficient end-to-end pickup and delivery solution, you can easily let go off the worries of order fulfillment of your e-commerce business.

5.  Winning pricing strategy 

Pricing strategy is much more than the profit margin you want to cut. You need to consider a wide range of factors when settling for any price. To that, you also need to offer regular discounts to excite and push the potential customers. A right pricing strategy can bring an influx of sale for you.

These are 5 essentials you need to give your e-commerce business a grand flight of success. Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Logistics and Transport Company: The Pathway to New Opportunities

We all know that the logistics sector and the transport sector have intermingled with each other the years and become a key factor in the world economy today. But to know more about them, here is a detailed article on them. Read on and find out more.

courier companies in Bangalore

Highlights of the logistics company

According to the business concept, logistics business deals with the transfer of goods from a point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of a customer or corporations. The flow of a physical product completes the cycle of a logistics company. Packaging, storage, importing and exporting products are some of the jobs performed by the logistics company. Over the last few decades, the courier company, as it commonly recognised, has undergone a massive growth in both the scale and structure. With big names coming up in the industry, courier companies in Delhi and other Indian metropolitan cities have contributed to the economic growth of the country at large. The sector is still on a growth at large and will continue its upward journey in the years to come as well.

Highlights of the transport industry

Unlike the logistics industry which deals with the process of transferring goods from one place to another, transport companies are the mode that is used to transfer the products. There are different modes of transport available that include air, rail, road and water among the others. It would not be incorrect to say that the transport industry has developed over the last century. Though varieties were already available since the dawn of civilisation, the real upsurge has been a result of improving technology over the last two centuries. New modes of transport were introduced that is changing and becoming better with time. As for the economic contribution by the transport companies, experts believe that it has been a steady provider to the GDP over the last few years, with its frequent emerging trends.

The amalgamation of the two leads to a new gateway

Both logistics and transport industries can be recognised as the two sides of the same coin. They both deal with the transferring of goods from one place to another. While the former is the process, the latter is the mode of transfer forming a part of the mentioned process. While every logistics company has their own mode of transport arranged, to ensure faster delivery services to the customers, they rely much on the development of the transport sector. In India, road and rail transport might pose threats of disrupting faster services, many logistics company actually depend on the air transport. Delivering products to the remote corner of the countries where transport is not at all developed is a major challenge faced by the companies. Though enough provisions are being taken to sort this issue, it will take some time before the task can be achieved completely with success.

To conclude, it can be said that transport forms a major part of the logistics sector. Without one, the other is doomed to fail. Thus, they have become a part of a massive network together. Courier companies in Bangalore and other Indian cities are providing their best services. They are fast and effective which makes them reliable. They use the fastest mode of transport available in order to provide same day delivery options to their customers. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

5 Super Tips to Find the Best Courier Company in Kolkata, India

While finding a good courier company in Kolkata isn’t really a rocket science, it isn’t, by any means, easier either. There are ways that would land you with poor-quality service provider. And with the on-going chase of getting a competitive edge in the market, that’s the last thing you would want.

So to help you get on the right path, here are 5 super tips to find a renowned and reliable courier company like a complete pro-

courier company in kolkata
  • Order tracking facility- It isn’t optional anymore, it’s essential!! The courier company must be adapted to the latest technologies and advanced in all its activities. For higher convenience and better proceedings, it MUST offer web/mobile based tracking, GPS trackers for high value shipments and data analytic.
  • The coverage network of the company- Of course, this should be the foremost priority of individuals or businesses whether finding a good provider of courier service in Jaipur or Kolkata- the company’s coverage network. The wider the network, higher will be the growth opportunity for you.
  • Transit options- Maybe you need to ship a bulk right in the neighboring state, maybe your products are perishable and needs to be delivered urgently. Getting multiple transit options from the courier company is important to suit your individual business needs adequately.
  • The overall cost- Higher the courier company is charging you, higher will be the cost of your products; something that might not be suitable for your customers. So to stay competitive in the market, look for a service provider that understand your (and your customers’) needs and charge you properly.
  • Order fulfillment- There are courier companies who go out of their way - with additional services - to provide clients with maximum convenience. Look for these companies who offer end-to-end pickup and delivery service, and also order fulfillment like packaging, inventory management and cash on delivery.
These are 5 super tips to find the best courier company in Kolkata, India. Good luck!! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Types Of Courier Services Available That Has Successfully Changed The Business Dynamics!

With the dawn of civilisation, sending goods from one place to another existed. They did use birds and riders to send the parcels and it would actually take days even months before it would reach its required destination. But that was thousands of years ago! We have come a long way since!  The advancement of technology has given us the life that our forefathers could only imagine of. The growth of courier service in Chennai and other Indian metropolitans along with the rest of the world is an indication in itself that parcel companies have come a long way.

A directive history to the present day views

It was actually the 1850s when parcel delivery was established as a business. Due to the unregulated movement of the packages and two massive wars that changed the world, it was not very well developed. Not up till 1950s when s a few visionaries realised that it was the time to professionally engage people in helping customers deliver packages from one place to another.

The idea of globalisation has definitely contributed to the surge they have seen in the last few years, and according to many experts it is expected to grow. The notion of having the parcel picked up and then getting it delivered at the destination within a particular time frame and a cost effective budget definitely caught up with the people, making them extremely popular. They do contribute greatly to the GDP of all developed countries, making them one of the key players in the e-commerce market. 
The types of courier companies that is raging the market!

There are basically five types of courier services available. They can be recognised as follows:

  • Standard courier services
  • Same day delivery courier services
  • Overnight courier services
  • International courier services
  • Pallet courier services

Getting into the details of each of the above mentioned services, here is a comprehensive list that highlights the features.
Standard courier services are the kind of courier facilities which we use generally, for our day-to-day activities. It involves collecting the parcel, sorting the parcel, packing it, transferring it to a place nearest to the destination and ultimately delivering it to the designated destination. Though it takes a few days before the final delivery for the process is lengthy, it is also the cheapest of all the types’ services provided by these logistics companies.
The world runs on a time crunch, hence, the need of having things delivered immediately is much of a requirement. It is expensive due to its urgent nature; this type of service is primarily used by multinational companies and business owners. The need to deliver crucial official documents makes this kind very popular.
As the name suggests, overnight courier services deal with the delivering the parcel within a time frame of 24 hours. It usually takes a day to transport the package. It usually is expensive depending on the distance and the place it is being send to. But with professionals working, the guarantee of the parcel is always a hundred per cent.
When goods are being transferred over international borders it falls under the category of international courier services. The price varies and depends on the size of the package. The bigger the parcel, the more expensive it becomes. It takes a minimum of 13 days for the parcel to reach its designated destination.
Pallet courier services deals with the delivery of goods on pallets. It usually follows a strict time schedule for the goods have a restricted delivery deadline. The goods are also often heavy and bulky. They are packed and send with a lot of care and operate at affordable and reasonable rates.

With a number of courier service in Bangalore and the rest of India available with the best of services offered, you can refer to the categories listed above and invest accordingly. Customer support is always available. You can also download the various applications launched by the courier companies on your phones to keep a track of your parcel. So surprise your loved ones or make an official announcement, the parcel companies are there to serve you!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The advantages of courier companies that make them so popular

It comes as no surprise that in the course of the last few years, courier services have emerged as great business prospective. Delivering products, big or small, from one place to another can be a hectic task. And with the festive season already gaining its momentum, transferring goods can be challenging. With a number of global and local courier services, this anxiety of yours can be put to rest. They are fast and efficient, which makes them extremely reliable. In a country of almost 1.4 billion people, you can now send gifts to your loved ones in other cities effortlessly.

Courier services have had a history that can be traced back to the ages when people used pigeons or riders on horses to convey their messages from one place to another. In recent times, with the surge in mainstream business, the use of these Parcel Delivery Companies has become widespread and prevalent. Read on to find more about the concept and advantages of delivery services.

Last minute delivery

The most redeeming quality of courier companies is that they make even the last minute arrangements. So highlighting their efficiency is not going to suffice, for they are beneficial beyond imagination. The services are extremely well-organized and effectual. Even if you have to make a delivery in an hour or so, these companies will work hard to deliver the products in time in the designated destination.

Reliability at its best

Courier companies deal with the paradox of gaining trust. But like emphasized earlier, they are dependable and steadfast at their best. You can get your items delivered without the worry of damaging the. Whether delicate and fragile or huge and sturdy, these companies will make sure to pack your goods with care and transport it safely.

Time and money waits for none

If you have to make a delivery within a particular timeframe, then these should be your to-go places for they are extremely convenient. Time saving and cheap, they are technology at its best. A team of dedicated professionals work all the time to help you deliver gifts to your loved ones who live in other cities.

With prominent courier services offered in majority of cities all around the country, Courier Services in Jaipur and other destinations in Rajasthan can be the best option if you are looking to send products, be it for business or personal reasons, alike.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Importance of courier companies in our daily lives

Global courier business has taken a sudden surge, changing the way the world works. With the world having a population of almost 6 billion, India herself comprising 1.4 billion of it, delivering products from one place to place has gained certain momentum. People use messenger services for their day to day lives, especially that of the business companies. Every time one has to transport goods to far off places ensuring the safety and security of the product, we all depend on this massive system.
When we dig deep into history, one will find that the people of those eras used pigeons and riders to convey messages. However, with the advancement in technology and science taking the front seat, courier companies have gained widespread popularity all over the world.

Living in a busy metropolitan city like Mumbai, which plays host to 11.98 million people, the need of courier services is immense. Here is a list of benefits that courier companies in Mumbai offer, ensuring a smooth run of your daily life.

  • They are extremely convenient and practical. They make transferring goods to far off places easy and expedient.
  • They are cost effective and economical. The messenger companies carry out the entire process within your estimated budget making them worthy.
  • The courier services are extremely reliable and trustworthy. You can trust them with expensive and fragile items, and not worry about breaking or misplacing the product before it reaches its destination.
  • Available 24x7 to offer you the best services, this mode of communication and transport is at your disposal all the time. So even if you have to make an urgent delivery or receive something at the brink of the moment, this is the first place you should look for.
  • The best benefit offered by these services includes their efficient ability to deliver all types of products. Be it sweets for your relatives or delivering a delicate item to a customer, they ensure a safe delivery to the target destination. Whether the products are bulky and overweight or small and elusive, courier services bid the best services.

 As discussed, courier service Mumbai has a vast and widespread network. These reputed companies are fast and well-organized. If you are a business company then you can get your bulk delivered today within your estimated time.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Choose Skyking Courier to get the best services in delivering your goods across distances

Founded in the year 1976, Skyking has been a pioneer company in the Indian courier and cargo market proving the best door to door services since 1985. With the aim to provide reliable and efficient courier provisions, they have been working to send off goods, documents and other belongings to locations across India. Choosing them offers you a tension free delivery facility, and their network spans across more than 1100 locations covering more than 12000 pin codes in India. A huge team of dedicated professionals deliver more than 100,000 shipments on a daily basis. Also, they provide multi transit options, like rail, air, surface mode to deliver the shipments according to the preferences of the customers. We will give you some more reasons to ensure that Skyking Courier is the best which you can get. 

Cutting edge technological integration

To serve the customers, Skyking has been using cutting edge technological tools and techniques to work better for the customers.Through the advanced technology, they deliver the goods within the stipulated time, that too safely. This has been possible only because of the best tools and unmatched expertise, so that delivery of goods all over India in different locations become smooth and effortless. 

Extremely reliable 

Skyking is one of the most reliable and credible courier services of this nation. They are registered and licensed, and hence you can be tension free about the safety and security of your belongings. These goods are insured, so that even if there is a damage during transit, you get compensated for the losses incurred. Also, they with age old experience, they excel in this field, and you also get to check the references of the customers to receive the correct feedback. Thus, you can be completely assured that your goods will be safe, and reach in the right destination address. 

Strong online existence 

Skyking comes with the best customer care team, and this team helps you in getting assured about the goods which you have delivered. The customer care provision helps you to tackle each and every issue, and Skyking Tracking aids you in checking the status of the shipment while in transit. With the unique tracking number, you can keep an eye on your goods, and complain if something wrong happens in the way. Thus,superior customer service is guaranteed. 

Overall best facilities

Skyking believes in being very tine reliant, and hence delivers the goods within the mentioned deadline, especially when there is an immediacy of the customers. They have the best manpower, promising safe and secured delivery of the goods, without the risk of getting broken or damaged or even lost. Also, they are spread all across India, including the four metro cities. 

Thus, when you are in a dire need to hire a courier service provider to deliver something important, make sure to contact Skyking and get the best services at cheapest rates.