Monday, 24 October 2016

Send Diwali gifts to loved ones across distance through best courier services available

Diwali is around the corner, and you must have planned everything, from the lights, to decorations, food items, puja and parties for the loved ones. But what about the friends and family members who stay and a distance, and would surely miss all the fun? You need to make them happy by buying the exclusive Diwali gifts, from clothes, to accessories, sweets and home décor items. But how would you send them? Worry not, as the leading courier companies are working hard for the festive season, ensuring people to send happiness and love boxed to different corners of India, at affordable rates.Thus splurge on the reputed and reliable Courier Service in Bangalore and get going with your process of making some one happy from a distance.

Here is a guide to make Diwali more special for other this year.

Choose gifts

Get going with first choosing the gifts for the one you are sending to, and select them according to the taste and preference of them. You get a variety, from the home décor items if she is an interior design lover, clothes for the fashionista, dry fruits for wishing lock and prosperity, sweets for the foodie, gadgets for the young one and much more. You will get to splurge on endless options from the gift stores, and none of them will disappoint you at all.

The limitations draw by them

The courier companies allow a certain weight and types of gifts which can be sent, hence you need to be careful of not having anything semi – liquid, or should not have cash money too. Also, if you are sending more than one items, you need to check if they are too heavy or not, as they would be having weight and size limitations too. These limitations are draw by them, and you need to take care of them.

Choose the best company

If you want to be assured about a hassle free delivery of the gifts, then you need make a strict note about the courier service provider you are banking on. Make sure that the company is reputed, reliable and leading one in the market, so that can guarantee you the best services at lucrative price rates. Talk to your peers and most importantly check out the reviews posted by other users on the social platforms.

Gift wrap properly

Make sure to gift wrap the items with care, so that delicate ones do not get damaged while in transit. Also, make them look appealing too, as the first impression matters when you are sending gifts at a distance.

Keep tracking

Once you have sent it, keep tracking the package through the tracking ID on their website, and if you check any issue, report to them immediately so that quick action and aid can be taken. Thus, go for the best Courier Service in Kolkata, and spread smiles this Diwali across distance.